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Fall-Winter 2020/2021

Abstract Works From the Massasoit Community College Collection

A selection of works dating from 1965 – present consisting of non-representational prints and drawings by established, emerging, outsider, and unknown artists. This curated group represents a much larger collection of works that are on display throughout the Brockton, Middleborough, and Canton campuses of Massasoit Community College. Reba Stewart, Maryland Sunset, 1971        
About the collection

The Open Museum at Massasoit Community College

Foreword from “An Email History of the Open Museum,” by retired Professor Roland Blanchette Fine Art, in the form of oil paintings, watercolors, lithographs, acrylics, pencil drawings, photographs, and silkscreens, can be found throughout the halls of Massasoit Community College, and for 10 years it has been my pleasure to put them there. Most of the artwork was created by professional artists who are serious about their work. They gave their art, their vision, to the school because they wanted it to be seen, to be shared, and to be valued and respected. The continuous number of positive comments that I have received over the years tells me that we have met that challenge. Many of the pieces of fine art were produced by Massasoit students. They, too, share the desire to have their work acknowledged and appreciated. We have not let them down. It is important to note that all of the artwork has been donated. We paid for some of the frames, some of the framing material, and the mounting hardware, but the artwork itself was a gift of the artist. What they have done for our school has been transcendent. When Rachel Hirst and I first applied to the Art Connection of Boston for a distribution of fine art, they asked why, and I told them that we wanted teaching and learning to take place where beauty is part of the experience. And now the artwork is integrated into the landscape of the College. As I have said, many times, if the walls have value, the people walking in those halls have value.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Art of Resilience

A virtual exhibition featuring the women of the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts, in collaboration with Brockton Arts/Gallery 33 & In Sight Art Gallery

Spring 2021